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Welcome to i-BLIPS.com

The BLIPS 8™ software program has been iteratively designed and developed by ADS-Limathon in collaboration with the British Isles Lupus Assessment Group (BILAG)  for almost 20 years and contains data going back almost 30 years

BLIPS™ was released in 1996 as a desktop based application for doctors, clinicians and researchers to acquire patient health and laboratory data and monitor patients response to drug treatments.

In 2005, i-BLIPS™ was born, when the system was redeveloped in Java and launched as an internet based, hosted service.

In 2011 SilverBLIPS™ was launched giving i-BLIPS an alternative updated user interface in Microsoft Silverlight.

In 2015 BLIPS 8™ was introduced and immediately replaced both SilverBLIPS and i-BLIPS with a suite of modular applications. This uses HTML5 technology for maximun browser compatibility

The BLIPS 8™ suite comprises

  • BLIPS Certify™ for user training and cerification
  • BLIPS Entry™ for Data Entry and Scoring
  • BLIPS Quality™ for managing edit checks
  • BLIPS Analysis™ for patient reviews, graphs and reporting
  • BLIPS Dashboard™ for user management in large studies
  • BLIPS Extract™ for data export and transfers.

The BLIPS standard software program features the

  • BILAG Index, the gold standard lupus activity assesment
  • Selena Sledai / Sledai 2K a shorter disease activity index
  • LupusQOL and SF-36 for Quality of Life
  • SLICC for Damage.

Individual sudies can choose from a range of over 40 diferent disease indices covering lupus, arthritis, myositis, fatigue to name a few. BLIPS has been the number one choice of pharmacuetical studies evaluating the performance and safety of new lupus treatments for the last 10 years.

The BLIPS 8 Service is hosted on the latest dual processor servers, with solid state drives for speed, daily backups for data security, and offsite backups for disater recovery.

If your clinical study, national lupus registry or just a single clinic would like to use the latest version, BLIPS 8, to monitor all your patients at your clinic, please contact ADS-Limathon and we will be pleased to discuss your requirement.


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